What is the difference between bee pollen and propolis?

One of the most popular natural supplements on the market is bee pollen. Propolis is another bee product that is also used by many who believe in natural health products.

Let’s take a look at the two substances to better understand what they are. None of the substances are actually produced by bees, but they are manipulated by bees.

Bee propolis is often referred to as bee glue. It is a dark, sticky resinous substance that comes from the shoots of some species of bark and trees. Bees, especially honey bees, mix this resin with wax flakes which they remove from certain glands in their stomachs.

Many health food experts believe that continuous use of bee pollen or propolis can boost the immune system as a whole. Many people who use this natural ingredient regularly admit that they are rarely sick.

Bees use propolis to protect their nests from intruders by placing resin at the entrance to constrict them and thus deter unwanted intruders.

What is bee pollen?

Now let’s take a look at bee pollen. This substance is also not produced by bees. Collected from flowers by bees. It is mixed with bee saliva and nectar from flowers.

Bees collect pollen on their hind legs and bodies, and when they enter the hive, the small appliance at the entrance gently brushes off a tiny piece of pollen.

Both bee pollen and propolis are natural ingredients that are very popular in the health food industry. Pollen is not only consumed in the form of raw grains, but also processed into a very potent natural supplement.

It is taken by natural supplement manufacturers and immediately frozen to preserve its nutritional content. Using the hot drying method can damage the nutritional value of the fabric. This is a very important step in making safe and effective natural nutritional supplements.

Can you take bee pollen and propolis? Yes, you actually can, a lot of people do. Keep in mind that not all pollen or propolis products are created equal. Quality is very important to get as many vitamins and minerals as possible.